Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Black Leaf Bongs

Here at Herbtools we are super proud of our Black Leaf bong collection. We have admired the Black Leaf range from day one and have stocked many different products from them on our site. But the most impressive products from the Black Leaf range have to be the bongs. We stock and sell over 45 different and awesome bongs from the brand alone. When our customers shop with Herbtools we only want to provide them with the best and highest quality products we can. This is why our BL collection is so vast, all of these expertly crafted bongs are truly great and do not disappoint. We couldn't help but expand our collection, every time we laid eyes on a new BL bong we just knew we had to have. While our collection is already of considerable size we are always adding new ones to the site. It's hard not to when there are so many new awesome products coming out in all kinds of styles and designs. The variation in design is one of the key factors that kept our interest in BL. It's not a brand where every product is just an adaption of the previous one, no. They're unique. They're interesting and they're awesome. We have such a wide selection of Black Leaf bong for sale coming in both plastic and glass. Our selection of glass water pipes is not to be missed. We have glass percolator bongs, with many different percolators including, spiral, tree arm and domes. Each of our percolators comes in a stylish glossy finish and come in a variety of colours like tree green, jet black and ocean blue. As well as the range of awesome colours they also come with a variety of great looking prints, like the Chinese dragon of flaming skull print bongs. It's also not hard to notice the great variety of physical shapes of these BL bongs. You can get your hands on four person party bongs, skull shaped glass, and even Rasta coloured bottle bongs. No matter what type of water pipe you're looking for you will surely find one you like from our Black Leaf range. If you are interested in buying a new bong and want to make sure you're only buying something that is of the highest quality then you should really consider buying a BL bong. They really are some of the best on the market so head on over to our store and see if you can find your next bong today.  

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