Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Glass Bubbler Smoking Pipes

Not too long ago the Herbtools team stumbled across something we thought was incredible. An item we knew we must have in our collection. That is Glass Bubblers. As soon as we came across them we instantly saw the attraction. It's like being able to carry around your favourite glass bong with you, just smaller and easier to handle. Many people love their bongs, but owning a quality glass bong is sometimes a little too risky if you're considering taking it with you if you go out. But with a glass bubbler pipe you don't need to worry as much. Because you only need a tiny bit of water you can just top it up with your drink. If you buy a different flavour drink each time you can vary your taste for each occasion. They also make a perfect piece of 'at home' equipment. They are great for getting home from work and kicking back on your sofa with your bubbler.
What's really cool about these bubblers is the shapes and colours they come in. They are just as pleasing to look at as your full sized glass bongs, if not more so. Because they are glass the manufacturers have the freedom to be creative with their design and it certainly shows. Some of the exquisitely curved glass bubbler pipes come in all sorts of colours and patterns. You can grab a bubbler with bright yellow glass or lizard style green, All of which are professionally coloured and finished for a high quality glossy effect. Or if that kind of thing doesn't appeal to you, you can get a clear glass bubble just as easy with a more basic design. Being made of glass they are much smoother and more comfortable to hold than other materials. It's for these reasons so many people are taking to them and they're becoming more and more popular. You have to check out whole selection to really appreciate the variety. We are always adding new pipes when we come across ones we think are good enough for our customers. If you are a fan of smoking pipes then you really want to consider a glass bubbler. You will never look back once you pick one up. Be aware, bong breakers and clumsy folk buy at caution! We recommend you store your pipe somewhere safe when your not using and keep an eye on it if you're out and about. So head on over to our shop and see if you can find your next glass bubbler pipe.

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